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Roles of the Federal Road Safety Club in the Socialization of Students

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raod safety club

What are the Roles of the Road Safety Club in the Socialization of Students?

The Road Safety Club (RSC) socializes students and youths in the following ways:

  1. Educate students and members of the public about the use of the road and road signs.
  2. Recommend measures and devices that will minimize and/or eliminate crashes on the highways.
  3. It exposes students to the rules and regulations on the roads, making them responsible future road users.
  4. It teaches students the behavioral skills necessary to survive in road traffic.
  5. Organize quizzes and debates on Road Safety related issues among schools.
  6. Teach students and members of the public the importance of discipline on the highways.

At the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) level, the club is given as a choice in the community development programme for the Youth Corps members. These older students are sometimes nominated to become Junior Road Safety officers and are given badges and certificates.

road safety club NYSC
NYSC Road Safety Club Project – Zebra Crossing.

Other important functions of the club include;

  • Promotion of Road Safety ethics to the entire school.
  • Raise the awareness of Road Safety measures among teachers, parents and guardians.
  • Increase people’s awareness of local Road Safety issues.


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