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  1. Farm Structures & Building | Week 1
    2 Topics
  2. Definition of Farm Buildings | Week 2
    6 Topics
    1 Quiz
  3. Crop Propagation & Cultural Practices I | Week 3
    3 Topics
  4. Crop Propagation & Cultural Practices II | Week 4
    3 Topics
    2 Quizzes
  5. Agricultural Practices I | Week 5
    3 Topics
    1 Quiz
  6. Agricultural Practices II | Week 6
    3 Topics
  7. Harvesting Operations | Week 7
    4 Topics
    1 Quiz

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Topic Content:

  • Meaning of Pre-planting Operations
  • Pre-planting Operation Activities
    • Selection of Site,  Land Surveying and Measurement, Clearing of Land, Stumping,
      Plotting, Tillage, Seed Selection, Nursery Practice
  • Simple Experiment – How to Test for Viable Seeds

What are Pre-planting Operations?

Pre-planting Operations are all the activities carried out on the farm before planting. These operations include the following:

1. Selection of Site:

The type of crop production will determine the site to be selected. Most crops require well-drained fertile soil to do well. A field with a fairly level topography is suitable for plant growth.

The availability of water, accessibility to roads and markets, and nearness to home, office, etc., are also important factors. Fertile loamy soil is the most ideal type of soil in most cases.

site selection

2. Land Surveying and Measurement:

This deals with the measurement of the land in order to determine its area, it also determines the suitability of the land for crop production.

land survey

3. Clearing of Land:


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