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  1. Farm Structures & Building | Week 1
    2 Topics
  2. Definition of Farm Buildings | Week 2
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  3. Crop Propagation & Cultural Practices I | Week 3
    3 Topics
  4. Crop Propagation & Cultural Practices II | Week 4
    3 Topics
    2 Quizzes
  5. Agricultural Practices I | Week 5
    3 Topics
    1 Quiz
  6. Agricultural Practices II | Week 6
    3 Topics
  7. Harvesting Operations | Week 7
    4 Topics
    1 Quiz

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  • Planting Operations

What are Planting Operations?

These are the activities carried out during planting. It is a deliberate establishment of seeds or seedlings in the soil, for proper germination to take place.

Planting can be done manually or mechanically. The activities involved during planting include seed treatment, planting date, spacing, seed rate, seed depth and planting or sowing:

1. Seed Treatment:

Seeds or other planting materials must be treated with chemicals, to make them free from pests and disease organisms. This can be achieved by soaking the seeds in 60°C warm water, for twenty minutes, and to sun-dry them later.

Okra Seed Treatment
Okra Seed Treatment.

Seed treatment can also be done by applying DD force treatment. 

2. Planting Date:


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