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Maintenance of Farm Structures and Building

There are various ways farm structures and buildings can be maintained, and they include;

1. All wooden parts of the farm structures and buildings should be painted with coal tar or solignum.

2. All metal parts should be painted to prevent rusting. Moving parts of metals, bolts, and joints should be lubricated.

3. Leaking roofs should be repaired.

4. Cracked floors and walls should be patched and repaired.

5. Lubrication of movable parts of the buildings should be done.

6. Periodic washing of pens, houses, canals, and water channels should be done to prevent bad odour.

7. Silos should be coated with aluminium paint to prevent rust and reflect light. All damaged metal sheets should be replaced.

8. Dams and ponds should be dredged occasionally to maintain a reasonable water level.

9. Fences should be repaired when they are destroyed.

10. Broken pipes and taps should be mended.

11. Floor spaces should be swept often.

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