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1. Production Houses:

Production houses are special houses for running various production projects. Examples are:

a. Poultry Houses: This is an example of a production house that is built for the production, and breeding, of poultry birds, for meat and egg production.

Poultry house.
Poultry house.

b.  Pen: This is an example of a production house that is built for cattle, sheep, pigs, and goat production.

Pig pen

2. Permanent Farm Buildings:

a. Office: This building is for administrative work. The farm manager stays in the farm office to plan and execute farming operations, coordinate people to work, and see to the proper management of the farm.

Farm Office
Farm Office is used for ongoing agricultural operations.

b. Stores: There are two main types of storage houses:

  • Cold Stores: It stores perishable products like vegetables, fresh fruits, meat, fish, poultry, milk, and milk-based products at the production centres, while awaiting delivery to consumption centres.
cold storage
  • Storage houses built for storing farm input and tools such as herbicides, improved seeds, feeds, fungicides, farm tools, machines and implement.
farm storage
Farm store.

c. Utility Building: This building is built for generating power to the farm. It is also used as a pumping house, generator house, and irrigation canal.

Utility Building
Farm Utility Building.

d. Security Post: This is a building found at the entrance of the farm. The security officer stays in this building to monitor people moving in and out of the farm.

e. Residential Buildings: This is a place where the worker and the farm manager live on the farm. It is the quarters for farmworkers.

Farmworker Housing
Farmworkers Living Houses.