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a. Storage Structures:

1. Silos are used for storing grains like maize, millet, and rice.

2. Barns are used for storing yam tubers and cocoyam.

3. Rhombus are used for storing maize cobs.

4. Compost pits are used for making compost manure.

b. Processing Structures:

1. Feed mills are used for processing livestock feed.

2. Abattoirs are used for processing food from animals that are killed and butchered.

3. Silage pits are used for processing forage crops into silage.

c. Production Structures:

1. Fish ponds are used for breeding out rearing different kinds of fish.

2. Paddocks are used for keeping grazing animals like cattle, sheep, and goats.

3. Battery cages are used for keeping poultry birds like layers.

d. Farm Buildings:

1. Residential quarters are used for housing farmers and other farm workers.

2. Farm office is used for administrative work that takes place on the farm.

3. Farm stores are used for storing farm inputs, farm tools, and agricultural produce.


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