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The attributes of courage are as follows:

  1. Commitment.
  2. Endurance.
  3. Determination.
  4. Diligence.
  5. Steadfastness.
  6. Boldness.
  7. Bravery.

Let’s discuss these attributes;

1. Commitment:

This is the major attribute of a courageous person. Commitment means to be dedicated and devoted to one’s duties. A man of courage is always committed to his work.

The endowment of this attribute always spurs him to achieve his set goals, and move to greater heights.

2. Endurance:

A courageous person exhibits strong will and power, to spur on, in order to overcome all difficulties in trying to succeed.

Our leaders need to change their attitude, of abandoning laudable and life-changing projects of their predecessors, because of challenges that could be surmounted with a spirit of endurance.

3. Determination:

A determined person is always hopeful, steadfast, and undaunted in pursuing goals or aspirations.

He remains resolute whenever he faces challenges in life. For one to succeed in life, one must make determination one’s watchword or guiding principle.

4. Diligence:

This is the ability to persevere in order to accomplish a task. Diligent people are not mediocre persons. They are very effective in the profession or duty.

People must be painstaking, determined, and conscientious or careful in handling issues. A good medical doctor must discharge his duties with diligence, in order to save the life of his patient.

5. Steadfastness:

A courageous person is always firm, consistent, unwavering in the discharging of his duties. He is always focused and does not mind external influences, that may come from friends or distractors.

6. Boldness:

This is the ability to overcome fear or intimidation, in the course of accomplishing a difficult task. Bold individuals are vocal, fearless, and courageous. 

Good students should be bold enough to report bad students to school authorities.

7. Bravery:

This is the willingness and ability to exhibit boldness and fearlessness, in the handling of tasks.

Fortune they say “Favours the brave”.

In the Olympics, a 10,000 kilometers race requires a brave man to run and succeed. Many students should exhibit bravery in accomplishing any task, for example, solving difficult math problems.