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We have three types of courage.

They are physical courage, moral courage, and spiritual courage. Let’s discuss the types of courage in more detail;

1. Physical Courage:

This is the ability or the use of physical effort to accomplish a task.

It also means the ability of an individual to use his manipulative skills, energy to execute a task.

Students with physical courage usually embark on manual labour, for example, cutting grass and working on the school premises.

2. Moral Courage:

This implies the ability to choose to do what is right, and not being influenced by others to do otherwise. It is also the expression of boldness and steadfastness in doing what is right.

One can exhibit moral courage by avoiding indecent dressing, prostitution, etc. In the same vein, a man of courage does not hesitate in demonstrating against wrong policies, of government or individuals.    

3. Spiritual Courage:

This is the ability to demonstrate one’s spiritual faith or doctrine.

It entails practical demonstration of one’s religious inclination, as regards one’s belief and faith.

Spiritual courage requires one to do something according to one’s spiritual ideals. It is an expression of extraordinary religious influence, experience. Pastor Ayo Oritsejeafor, His Grace Archbishop A.J.V Obinna, and His Eminence Cardinal Anthony Olubunmi Okojie are notable men of spiritual courage.