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The attributes of integrity include;

  1. Probity.
  2. Honesty.
  3. Contentment.
  4. Truthfulness.
  5. Fair play.
  6. Non compromise of principles.
  7. Soundness.

Let’s discuss these attributes;

1. Probity:

This implies being completely honest in all human endeavours or relationships with people.   

It has to do with being transparent, in public office or affairs, especially as regards to public money, property, and information entrusted by the people.

This includes the willingness to follow due process in a position of public trust.

2. Honesty:

This means being truthful, sincere, and straightforward in dealing with people. It means radical rejection of the temptation to steal, lie, or deceive people in any way.

An honest person is highly principled, disciplined, and cannot be bought over or influenced by anybody or situation.

3. Contentment:

This simply means the state of being satisfied, and happy with what one has at any given period.

A content person does not exhibit an inferiority complex, to the people who are better off, but makes efforts to improve to a better social status. He does not engage in unhealthy rivalries while improving himself.

4. Truthfulness:

This has to do with the ability of a person to be real, sincere about something, and straightforward in dealing with other members of society.

It describes one who is faithful, truthful, refrains from lies but insists on telling the truth.

Truthfulness brings trust and enhances human relationships.

Students should imbibe and exhibit this quality both at home and in school.

5. Fair play:

This simply means the quality of being just and honest in treating people, irrespective of who they are. It means doing things based on the accepted rules and regulations of society.

A man with a sense of fair play, always acts in a reasonable manner, by giving people what they duly deserve, without favouritism and prejudice. This quality makes one be respected and trusted in society.

6. Non-compromise of Principles:

This means upholding the standards without being influenced. A man, who does not compromise principles, does not succumb to completion in any way. He would always ensure strict adherence to the rules. He exhibits high moral courage, by always choosing to do that which the rules specify.

7. Soundness:

This means the quality of being mentally alert. It implies the absence of an impaired condition. This quality makes a person articulate, in handling societal issues, in a free, flawless, and effective manner.