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These attributes of discipline help to promote discipline in our society.

1. Self Control:

This attribute of discipline makes one remain calm and not show his or her emotions, even when he or she is hurt, angry, or excited. This means that a disciplined person can always control his actions, and emotions at all times, particularly when it concerns material benefits.

2. Moderation:

This is the quality of being rational, reasonable, and not taking an extreme stand on any issue. Moderation ensures equal standard, striking a balance between two sides on an issue.

It takes or follows a medium course to all things, to avoid stretching matters to a breaking point.

3. Respect for legitimate Authority:

Respect for authorities in school or society. One does not disrespect constituted authorities, one does not despise, abuse, or act against constituted authority.

4. Modesty:

This implies the virtue of being reserved, prudent, and not having over-exaggerated opinion of oneself.

A modest person de-emphasizes personal interest but promotes what will benefit the majority. 

A disciplined person shows modesty in the way he/she talks, dresses, and behaves, and society respects them for this. It is an attitude of not being very flamboyant or luxurious.

5. Dedication:

Discipline helps to bring about a commitment to duty.  It encourages one to put more effort into one’s activities because it is important.

Dedication is an observable behavior, whereby an individual shows interest and a high sense of responsibility, in carrying out his assignment. 

A dedicated student is always devoted to his studies.

6. Perseverance:

A disciplined individual should possess the quality, of continuing to try to achieve a particular aim, feat, or goal in spite of the difficulties that may confront the individual. Perseverance emphasizes hardwork.

A disciplined individual perseveres, through hard work, and does not get discouraged because of obstacles.