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The consequences or effects of indiscipline, to both an individual and society at large, cannot be overemphasized.

These consequences include;

  1. Social instabilities.
  2. Corruption in high and low places.
  3. Examination malpractice.        
  4. Weak social institutions.
  5. Stigmatization of country.

1. Social Instabilities:

Communities with indisciplined behaviour suffer a lot of crises, which include poor attitude to work, low productivity, nonchalant attitude towards national development, and national consciousness.

These factors are not only inimical to the smooth running of societal affairs, but constitute a serious clog in the wheel of progress.

2. Corruption in High and Low places:

In a society where indiscipline exists, corruption is made the way of life. This means that individuals, government institutions, and agencies will engage in corruption. Here, the followers will equally follow the path of their leaders. Resources meant for economic development will be diverted for personal use.

3. Examination Malpractice:

Examination malpractice has become the order of the day, especially in external examinations, and our higher institutions.

In an undisciplined society, students do not attend classes or lessons regularly, and as such may resort to examination malpractice, and the bribing of teachers, in order to pass their examinations.

4. Weak Social Institutions:

In societies where there is indiscipline, the societal institutions will not function as expected. Institutions such as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), etc, become toothless bulldogs.

Some of these institutions are used by the government to clamp down on perceived political enemies.

5. Stigmatization of Country:

Undisciplined behaviour attracts a bad image for the country.

The citizens of such a country are isolated and treated as social outcasts, while the country is treated as a pariah state. In the case of terrorism, citizens of such a country are regarded and treated as suspects.

It will become difficult for citizens of an undisciplined country to travel out, and when they do, international security agents will make them targets of harsh security scrutiny and harassment.