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This highlights the benefits of integrity in any society. It pays to be a person of integrity irrespective of any challenges.     

These benefits are as follows:

  1. It builds trust.
  2. Community development.
  3. Good governance.
  4. Discourages corruption.
  5. Peaceful society.
  6. Models for the youth.

Let’s discuss these benefits in more detail;

1. It builds trust:

In a society where many people of integrity abound, it helps to promote trust, confidence, co-operation, and self-reliance.

2. Community Development:

People realize community development, especially in communities or places where there are people of integrity.

To execute community development, distinguished men and women of integrity, are always needed to carry out projects such as planning, raising of funds, and execution.

3. Good Governance:

People of proven integrity are needed to manage the affairs of government. They help to stop wastage of resources, favouritism, nepotism in government. The way and manner they manage government affairs, bring credibility to government and governance.        

4. Discourages Corruption:

A community with men of integrity would have a low level of corruption, and other societal vices. Here there would be adequate and judicious use of funds, monies, and public properties entrusted in their care.

Funds meant for the community will not be diverted to personal use or advantage.

5. Peaceful Society:

A community blessed with people of integrity enjoys peace, social and political stability, and harmony. The state of peace in their community usually attracts visitors to live or visit their community. People in such communities peacefully transact their businesses.

6. Models for the youth:

The existence of people of integrity in society can serve as role models for the youth. Children and young adults can learn from these people and emulate their good characteristics. This will help shape the future of society at large.