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There are three major types of voting which include;

1. Secret (Ballot) Voting System.
2. Open Ballot System.
3. Open Secret Ballot System.

Lets’ take a look at each type of voting system,

1. Secret (Ballot) Voting System:

This type of voting system operates where a voter casts his or her vote, in secrecy, and privately, without letting anyone know who the vote is cast for. It involves the use of a polling booth, which is a cubicle where a ballot box is kept.

Only one voter enters to cast his or her vote by dropping a ballot paper into the ballot box, after using a thumbprint to select his or her candidate of choice.

2. Open Ballot System:

In this system, the voters openly vote for their candidates of choice, either by queuing up behind him/her or the party symbol or by raising up hands while the electoral officials count.

3. Open Secret Ballot:

This system was introduced into the Nigeria Election by the former electoral committee chairman, Professor Humphrey Nwosu during the General Badamosi Babangida regime.

Professor Humphrey Nwosu (born 2 October 1941) was chairman of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) appointed by President Ibrahim Babangida, holding office from 1989 to 1993.

Humphrey Nwosu

It involves the casting and dropping of ballot papers inside the ballot box, in the presence of the electoral officials. This system is known as the Option A4 voting system.


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