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The act of electoral malpractices is an evil in society. The consequences are terrible and can affect a nation adversely.

These consequences include;

(1) Wrong Choice of Leaders: Due to electoral malpractice mediocre get elected to power, i.e wrong people void of good character are voted and sworn in as leaders.

(2) Loss of Lives and Properties: In situations where electoral malpractices occur, especially those that lead to violence, many lives and properties are destroyed.

(3) Break Down of Law and Order: Electoral malpractices that involve violence, leading to loss of lives and properties, may bring about the breakdown of law and orderliness and lack of security in society.

(4) Loss of Confidence and Trust: When electoral malpractices occur, it may lead to a loss of confidence and trust in the government and democracy, and this may lead to a lack of cooperation from the citizens.

(5) Political Apathy: Political apathy is a lack of interest or apathy towards politics. Electoral Malpractices bring about political apathy where those who are robbed of their political franchise will develop cold feet on political matters. Many of the citizens decide to keep away from political matters.

(6) Problem of Legitimacy: Leaders who attained power through electoral malpractices may not enjoy recognition and support from the international community, which may affect the political stability and development of such a nation.

(7) International Sanctions:  Other nations can stand against leaders that attain power through electoral malpractices. This may come in the form of sanctions which are political measures taken to express disapproval or displeasure through diplomatic and political means.


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