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Preventive Measures for Electoral Malpractices

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The problems of electoral malpractices can be eradicated by the following preventive measures;

(1) Political Enlightenment: There should be an avenue to educate the electorate and give information on all they need to know about politics in their nation in order to prevent any form of malpractice.

(2) Less Financially Attractive Political Offices: The political offices should be less attractive in terms of money, i.e salaries and allowances should be reduced to discourage people from seeking political offices for their selfish interests.

(3) Non-interference of Government in INEC Activities: The independent National Electoral Commission should indeed be independent of government intervention and manipulations so that they could discharge their duties effectively.

(4) Strict Punishment for Political Offences: The law should be strict with punishment for political offenders to serve as a deterrent for others.

(5) Fair Justice: There should be fair justice in any electoral malpractice case so as to discourage people from practising it.


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