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  1. Information Technology As A Transformational Tool | Week 1
    4 Topics
    1 Quiz
  2. IT-Based Gadgets | Week 2
    3 Topics
    1 Quiz
  3. Internet | Week 3
    3 Topics
    1 Quiz
  4. World Wide Web | Week 4
    6 Topics
    1 Quiz
  5. Internet Environment | Week 5
    5 Topics
    1 Quiz
  6. Internet Environment II | Week 6
    8 Topics
    1 Quiz

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Access to information and increased communications capacity bring major benefits to society.

Below are some benefits of ICT;

(1) It has really improved the living conditions of people.

(2) It helps to access information and knowledge cheaper and faster and more timely.

(3) It is used for extending educational opportunities.

(4) With the Internet, distance becomes irrelevant in business transactions.

(5) It also facilitates access to resource persons such as mentors, experts, researchers, and professionals all over the world.

(6) It brings about digital literacy which consists of functional, visual, scientific-technological, and global awareness. This in essence leads to effective thinking, reasoning, and high productivity.

(7) It is timely, better, and cheaper access to knowledge and information.

(8) It allows access to a wide range of information in different fields.

(9) It allows people to interact with each other in many ways through email, fax, video conferencing, etc.

(10) It makes learning and the system of learning easy.

(11) It enhances access to online shopping in any part of the world.

(12) Distance learning is enhanced.

(13) It provides a social network for chatting and browsing e.g Facebook, 2go, and YouTube.

(14) It has made the world a global village because communication is made faster.

(15) ICT reduces operational costs.

(16) You can check results and register for exams like NECO, SSCE, and JAMB, online

(17) It creates job opportunities.

(18) It helps humans to interact/communicate easily with one another.

(19) It enables access to a wide range of information in different fields.

(20) It speeds up transaction processes.

(21) Instructional tool: computers are excellent tools to create attractive and relevant lessons for students.

(22) Immediate feedback: With computers, learning outcomes are immediate. Students experience their own progress as they develop new skills.

(23) ICT helps students to gain confidence: Students become more familiar and confident with technology as it is integrated into their learning environment.

(24) Increased learning opportunities: Poor students who might not be able to afford a field trip to a place of interest can benefit by visiting it virtually through the computer and the internet, especially through Encarta.


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