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Good family reputation occurs when a family is thought of positively, or held in high esteem, by members of their community or society. All the members of a family can benefit when the family has a good reputation. The importance of a good family reputation is reinforced by the proverb, “a good name is better than silver or gold”.

It is important for a family to have a good family reputation because:

1. Good family reputation brings about respect and favour to members of such a family.

2. It brings honour to the family.  Members of such families are given a position of trust in society.

3. It opens doors for members. The family members are able to get things done for them more easily, as everyone in their community will be willing to help them.

4. Good family reputation makes the family members role models to others. Such family members will be referred to as achievers’, and are known for their successes.

5. Good family reputation instils discipline, and the attitude of hard work, in the members of such families. Knowing that their family is known for good, members of such families think before acting, and also, try to do their best in their own personal endeavours, because they have their family name or reputation to protect.



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