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A Family, living together as a unit, is one of the factors that build and aids the development of the Nation. A good and strong family will aid in the development of the Nation as a whole.

Some advantages when a family lives together include:

1. Protection: This is a situation where an individual is kept safe, from harm or destruction. When family members live together, they feel protected. They look out for one another’s interests.

2. Unity: This is a state of being in oneness. A family who lives together does things together as one. This will help the family members understand each other more, and tighten their bond.

3. Good Social Behaviour: Families who live together, are able to teach their children good and acceptable behaviour. They are also able to teach their children, to see stress or crisis, as an opportunity to grow and learn better, hence, making their children able to react effectively to different social situations.

4. Reduction of Loneliness: Living together helps to reduce the feeling of loneliness in the family.  We need one another to survive as human beings with healthy interactions.

5. Happiness:  When a Family lives together, they are able to do things together which brings joy and happiness. A good family shares both their sorrows and their joys.

6. Maintaining Good Family Name and Reputation: When members of the family, like parents, have good reputations and behave positively, the children tend to emulate these positive behaviours, which in turn helps to maintain the good name of the family.


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