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The inclusion of Social Studies, as a subject in the school curriculum, from primary school through to university, is a good means to achieve National and Educational goals, because most of the topics in Social Studies are important, to help the Nation achieve these goals.

The general objectives of Social Studies are:

1. To develop in students, the ability to adapt to their changing environment.

2. To help us understand our environment, find out its problems, and be able to solve the problems.

3. To help us understand the usefulness of being good citizens of our country. Social Studies is used to teach individuals what it means to be a good citizen, capable of contributing to the positive development of the Nation, by being positive-minded and hardworking.

4. To inculcate national consciousness and national unity, such as love for the nation and obedience. National Consciousness and Unity can be achieved through learning about National Symbols, Citizenship, and organizations that unite such as NYSC, and Unity Schools.

5. To develop a sense of solidarity and sharing based on a sense of security in one’s own identity.



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