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farm records

Below are uses of farm records;

1. A good farm record enables farmers to manage farm inputs such as seeds, chemicals, fertilizers, and animal feeds.

2. It enables farmers to study and predict the best time, for planting and raising farm animals.

3. It can be used for farm planning and its improvement.

4. It is used to assess the competence of the farm manager.

5. It is used to monitor the progress of farming activities.

6. It is used to secure loans from commercial banks.

7. It is useful in fulfilling legal requirements that will assist the government in decision-making.

8. It can be used to check the fraudulent activities of employees.

9. It is useful for tax purposes.

10. It gives accurate information on what has happened on the farm, and enables comparisons to be made, from year to year.

11. Farm records enable farmers to know whether they are making a profit or running at a loss.