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  1. Family Traits | Week 1
    7 Topics
    1 Quiz
  2. Environmental Hazards I - Soil Erosion | Week 2
    3 Topics
  3. Environmental Hazards I - Flooding | Week 3
    5 Topics
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  4. Environmental Hazards II - Bush Burning | Week 4
    4 Topics
  5. Environmental Hazards II - Deforestation | Week 5
    4 Topics
    1 Quiz
  6. Environmental Hazards III - Desertification | Week 6
    4 Topics
    1 Quiz
  7. Environmental Hazards III - Description of the Ozone Layer and its Location in the Atmosphere | Week 7
    4 Topics
    1 Quiz
  8. Drug and Substance Abuse | Week 8
    4 Topics
    1 Quiz
  9. Resources from Living Things | Week 9
    4 Topics
  10. Resources from Non-Living Things | Week 10
    2 Topics
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Topic Content:

  • Summary of Family Traits
  • Evaluation Questions

Heredity refers to the transmission of characteristics or traits from parents to the offspring.

Dominant genes produce these traits, which show or are made to manifest in an individual and cause offspring to resemble one parent, rather than the other.


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    1]Define the following terms
    a)Genetics is the scientific study of genes or the study of heredity or variations in living things.
    b)Heredity is defined as the transmisssion of characteristics from a parent to their offspring.
    c)Family traits are the transmittable characteristics that are passed from one generation to another.
    d)Dominant traits are characteristics that keep appearing from one generation to another.

    2] List ten examples of family traits
    blood type, height, tongue rolling, type of nose, anaemia,sickle cell, intelligism,hair colour, skin colour and dimples.
    3]State four importance of family traits
    Used to determine intelligism .
    Used to determine/detect disease.
    Used to determine who a child resembles
    Used to determine a blood group.
    4]What is Family Tree
    Family tree is the graphical representation of family members i.e from 5th generation to 1st generation.

    A. Genetics is the study of heredity and the genes
    B. Heredity is the transmission of traits from generation to generation
    C. Family traits are those features that are inherited by offspring from the parent
    D. Dominant traits are those traits that show or manifest in an organism

    2. DOMINANT: Tallness, Brown eyes(for Africans), Cleft chin, Nearsightedness,Widows peak
    Recessive: Shortness, No freckles,Albinism, Normal hairline, Straight hairline

    3. It helps in crime detection, checks parentage, helps in curbing inherited diseases, Helps in making family trees

    4. It is a structured graphical representation that shows a family Geneology

  3. 1a) Genetics is the study of function and behavior of gene
    1b)Heridity is the ability of any living things to transfer it s characteristic to it’s offspring
    1c) family trai are transmittable characteristic from parents to offspring
    1d)a dominant trait are trait that keeps app
    earing in each generation
    2)i. colour of skin
    Ii. intelligence
    III. sickle cell anamia
    iv. colour of air
    v. type of seed
    vi. hight
    vii. types of leaf
    viii. size of leaf
    ix. baldness
    x. albinism
    3)I. it helps to determine intelligence
    Ii. it helps to determine who a child resembles
    III. it helps individual to know were they came from
    iv. it helps to determine disease

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