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  1. Family Traits | Week 1
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  2. Environmental Hazards I - Soil Erosion | Week 2
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  3. Environmental Hazards I - Flooding | Week 3
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  4. Environmental Hazards II - Bush Burning | Week 4
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  5. Environmental Hazards II - Deforestation | Week 5
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  6. Environmental Hazards III - Desertification | Week 6
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  7. Environmental Hazards III - Description of the Ozone Layer and its Location in the Atmosphere | Week 7
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  8. Drug and Substance Abuse | Week 8
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  9. Resources from Living Things | Week 9
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  10. Resources from Non-Living Things | Week 10
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Topic Content:

  • Meaning of Mineral Resources
  • Location of Solid Minerals in Nigeria
  • Solid Minerals and their Uses
  • Environmental Effects of Mineral Exploitation
  • Importance of Solid Minerals
  • Evaluation Questions
mineral resources

What are Mineral Resources?

Mineral resources are substances that are naturally present, in the earth’s crust and are not formed from animal or vegetable matter. Examples are gold, salt, tin, iron ore, copper, aluminium, etc.

Minerals can exist as solids or non-solids or a combination of both. Here we will be studying minerals that exist in the solid state which are called Solid Minerals.

Solid minerals have been found deposited, in some parts of Nigeria, in commercial quantities, and they are of valuable use to man.

Nigeria is a country blessed with an abundance of mineral resources; according to the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals, there is no state in Nigeria without at least two types of solid minerals, with states such as Nasarawa and Plateau topping the list, with 29 types of solid minerals each.

The tables below show the location of solid minerals and their uses;


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    1List four resources obtained from plants
    a]Ornamental plants
    b]Cash crop
    c]Food crop
    d]Medicinal plants

    2]What is meant by solid minerals resources.
    Solid minerals resources are minerals that exist in solid form.
    3]Mention four uses of soil to human beings
    a]It is used for moulding (pottery)
    b]It is used for agricultural purposes(planting)
    c]Reservoir for water.
    d]Grazing of animals.

    4]List 2 economic importance of resources to human beings.
    a]Source of foreign exchange earnings.
    b]It serve as a source of employment.

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