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Raising of Dorcas from the Dead

Peter’s Healing Miracles, Raising of Dorcas from the Dead (Acts 9:32-42)

  • During Peter’s missionary tour, one of the places he visited was Lydda and Joppa.

  • At Lydda, Peter met a Christian named Aeneas, who was paralyzed for eight years, and also bed ridden.

  • Peter had compassion on him and said “Aeneas, Jesus Christ heals you, rise and make your bed.

  • Immediately, Aeneas rose from his sickbed and was made whole.

  • The news of his healing spread to the town of Lydda, and many who heard believed, and were converted to Christianity.

  • At Joppa, a devout, notable, and selfless Christian, named Tabitha or Dorcas, was sick and died.

  • Dorcas was a strong supporter of the Gospel. She was a disciple and was always doing good, and helping the poor. 

  • Lydda was near Joppa; so when the disciples heard that Peter was in Lydda, they sent two men to him and urged him, “Please come at once!” 
  • On Peter’s arrival at Joppa, he was taken into the room where Dorcas was laid.

  • Peter knelt down and prayed.

  • He turned to the body of Dorcas and said “Tabitha, get up.

  • Immediately Dorcas opened her eyes, sat up, and Peter lifted her up.

  • Peter presented Dorcas alive to the other Christians.

  • This miracle of raising Dorcas from the dead, got many converted to Christianity.