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Peter Converts Cornelius (Acts 10: 1-48)

  • Caesarea was a town to the North of Joppa.

  • In this town lived a Roman Army officer, a centurion (captain) of the Italian Regiment, whose name was Cornelius.

A centurion was the principal professional officer in the armies of ancient Rome and its empire. The centurion was the commander of a centuria, which was the smallest unit of a Roman legion.

  • Cornelius and all his family were devout and God-fearing; he gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly.
  • He spent much of his free time praying and giving alms to the poor and the needy.

  • Cornelius had a vision at three in the afternoon, where the angel of the Lord told him. that his prayers and alms, had ascended as a memorial before God.

  • Therefore, send for Simeon Peter who was staying in Joppa with Simeon, a tanner.

  • Cornelius sent two of his servants and a soldier, his personal assistance to Joppa to fetch Peter.

  • Meanwhile, Peter had a vision, a great sheet from heaven with all kinds of animals and birds, and a vice told him. “Rise Peter! kill and eat.

  • Peter answered, No! Lord, for I have never eaten anything that is common or unclean.

  • This vision got Peter confused, until the arrival of Cornelius’s messengers.

  • Peter was still amazed because the Jews and foreigners were not in common association.

  • Peter realized that God does not discriminate between Jews and foreigners. He said, “But God has shown me that I should not call anyone impure or unclean.”

  • While Peter was still preaching in the house of Cornelius, the Holy Spirit came upon Cornelius and his household.

  • Peter got Cornelius and his household baptized.

  • Hence, Cornelius and his people formed the foundation members of the church in Caesarea.