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 An initial draft was prepared under late General Sani Abacha, but he died before he could sign it into law.

Abubakar was sworn in as president, on 9 June 1998, after the unexpected death of General Sani Abacha. 

The 1999 constitution, which came into force on May 29, was signed into law by General Abdulsalami Abubakar on 5th May 1999.

The 1999 constitution was a revised version of the 1979 and 1989 constitutions. It provided for a truly democratic system of government at the Federal and State levels.

Features of the 1999 Constitution:

1. The presidential system of government was still adopted and was headed by the president.

2. The immunity and impeachment clause for the executive was provided for by the constitution.

3. The Constitution introduced a multiparty system.

4. The 1999 constitution recommended 40 years, as the minimum age for an aspirant, for the position of president.

5. Fundamental human rights were entrenched in the constitution.

6. It retained a federal system of government.

7. Supreme Court is the highest Court of Appeal.

8. It retained a bicameral legislature.

9. It contains a list of fundamental human rights.

10. It defined the revenue allocation formula.