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The constitution of a nation like Nigeria is supreme. Supremacy of the constitution ensures the smooth running of the nation. Some of the reasons why the constitution is supreme are stated below:

1. It guards the rights and states the duties of citizens of the country.

2. It serves as a check on governmental powers so as to prevent abuse of power.

3. It serves as the defender of human rights.

4. It promotes rule of law.

5. It ensures law and order in society.

6. It outlines the functions and powers of each organ of government.

7. It ensures the independence of the judiciary and ensures fair play in society.


  1. Supremacy of the constitution.
  2. The definition.
  3. Reasons for the supremacy of the constitution.

Supremacy of the constitutions means that no individual, irrespective of his/her position or social status, is above the law. The constitution is supreme because it protects human rights, and acts as the defender of such rights, and serves as a check on governmental power against arbitrariness.