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Clifford Constitution 1922

Below were the features of the Clifford Constitution;

1. It was the pacesetter (or first) constitution in Nigeria.

2. The constitution led to the introduction of elective principles, which form the key feature of this constitution.

3. It established both the legislative and executive councils, which formed the basis for the future constitutions in Lagos.

4. Electorates were adult males, who must have been resident in the country, for 12 months, and had a gross annual income of at least £100 (pounds sterling)

5. It led to the formation of the first political party, in Nigeria, in 1923. This was the Nigeria National Democratic Party (NNDP) formed by Herbert Macaulay.

6. Through the constitution, papers like Lagos Daily News and West African Pilot emerged.

7. Political awareness was created through this constitution and was the foundation, for Nigeria’s independence.

8. The North was ruled through proclamations and ordinances.