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The following forms the basis of the constitution of a state:

1. Past Constitutions: The constitutions of the former colonial power were used to draft subsequent constitutions.

2. International Laws:International laws and conventions, and international Criminal Codes, relevant to Nigeria, are included in a new constitution.

3. Constitutional Conferences: These conferences are usually organized during constitutional development. Difficult constitutional issues are discussed and resolved. Such resolutions are included in new constitutions.

4.Acts of Parliament: These include bills that are passed into law by the legislature, which are documented and are one of the bases of constitutions.

5.Judicial Precepts:Key past judgments of law courts on constitutional matters, are often included in a new constitution.

6. Historical Experiences: The past political development of the people, form part of the history of the state, and this is considered when drafting the constitution of such a country.

7.Customs and traditions: The customs and traditions of the people are also included in the constitution.


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