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Electoral Malpractice
Electoral Malpractice – Disruption of the Electoral Process.

Definition of Electoral Malpractice

Electoral malpractice is any wrongdoing affecting the electoral procedure, electorate, and electoral material which influences the election outcomes so as to choose personal benefit over the public interest.

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Electorate: people in a country or area who are entitled to vote in an election.

Electoral malpractice entails those acts that are illegal, wrong, and unjustly carried out before, during, and after elections by some politicians, security agents, electoral commission staff, political parties, party supporters etc. in order to win an election. 

Forms of Electoral Malpractice

Electoral malpractice can also be termed electoral fraud which is illegal interference with the process of an election with the aim of increasing the number of votes of the preferred candidate and reducing the number of votes of the rival candidate. Electoral malpractice can take any of the following forms.

1. Manipulation of votes.

2. Destruction of Ballot Boxes / Snatching of Ballot Boxes: The snatching and carting away of ballot boxes by thugs.

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3. Underage Voting: Underage youth are not allowed to vote in the general election but many have been spotted casting their ballots without any inhibitions. This malpractice is unlawful and taints the image of the electoral process.

Underage voter

4. Ballot Stuffing or Ballot-Box Stuffing is a form of electoral fraud in which a greater number of ballots are cast than the number of people who legitimately voted.

ballot box stuffing

5. Multiple-Voting: Multiple voting is voting by the same individual at the same election in various places

6. False Information about the Election: The deliberate spreading of false and misleading information which influences the outcome of the election.

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7. Vote Rigging by Politicians from Electorates: This involves illegal interference with the election process by either increasing the vote count of a preferred candidate or decreasing the number of votes of a rival candidate, or both.

8 Intimidation of the Electorates: The use of thugs and touts to scare voters from voting by political parties, especially in areas where the opposition is more popular.


9. Disenfranchisement: This is the state of being deprived of a right or privilege, especially the right to vote.

10. The use of Bribes: this includes Vote-buying – paying others to influence how they vote. It also includes bribing electoral officials to destroy legitimate votes and influence the results.

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11. Wrong Announcements: Announcement of wrong results and candidates as winners of the election.


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