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  • Graphical Method

How to Solve Simultaneous Equations Graphically:

To solve simultaneous equations graphically:

  1. Make a table of values for both equations 
  2. Draw the graphs for both equations on the same axes
  3. Find the coordinates (i.e. x and y values) where both graphics intersect. These values are the solutions of both equations. 
  4. Check your solutions by putting these values into the original equations to make sure they satisfy them. 

Example 3.1.1:

Solve the following pairs of simultaneous equations graphically:

4x – 2y  = 4  …………..(1)
2x  +  y  = 10 …………...(2)


In each equation, make y the subject of formula to satisfy the equation of a straight line 

y = mx + c 

From equation (1)

 4x – 2y = 4 

-2y  =  4 – 4x 

y = \( \frac{4 \: – \: 4x}{-2} \)


y = \(\scriptsize -2 \: + \: 2x \)

Use values of x from -1 to 2 

When x = -1


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