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There are several factors that contribute to people engaging in Human Trafficking, that is, both the Victim and Perpetrator.

These are some factors;

Unemployment: When there is a lack of job opportunities in the country, people may become desperate for money. This situation causes a rise in people engaging in Human Trafficking. People engage in Human Trafficking either by being traffickers or agents and also, by becoming Victims of Human Trafficking. Traffickers lure their future Victims with fake promises of a good job within or outside the country.

Poverty: When parents are poor and unable to provide for their family needs, this state of lack can make parents allow their children to go into child labour. The economic state of the nation due to poverty has made many become victims of human trafficking.

Greed: People who are immoral, selfish and greedy are willing to do anything for money. Therefore, they are able to go into various forms of human trafficking and become traffickers or agents.

Illiteracy: Lack of education and knowledge has caused many people to be deceived into human trafficking.

Demand for Sex Workers: The high demand for sex workers in the lucrative sex industries has caused many traffickers to deceive young girls into prostitution and pornographic films. 

Peer Pressure: When friends tell deceitful and extravagant stories and flaunt their gifts and money from immoral acts, this could influence members of their friend (or peer) group. The influence of bad friends who flaunt their wealth may entice people who are not disciplined to go into human trafficking.

Demand for Domestic Workers: The increasing number of working mothers today has increased the need for domestic workers in homes. These domestic workers take care of the home and the children so the mother can focus more on her job. Unfortunately, this has turned the human trafficking of children of school age into a fast business as a high number of domestic workers are children.

Legislative Lapses: The lack of strict anti-human trafficking laws and penalties has encouraged an increase in this illegal act.


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