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The topics included in Social Studies support the societal norms and values and are categorized under facts, concepts, generalization, skills, values, and attitude relevant to the student’s age and level to enhance the growth and development of the society.

There are 6 types of Social-Studies Content which include:

1. Facts: A fact is something that is known or proved to be true. It may also be something that is known to have happened. Therefore, there are some topics in Social Studies that are factual.

2. Concepts: These are ideas, information, and principles that are necessary to know, learn and understand.

3. Generalization: This is a statement that is true in most situations or for most people, but may not be completely true in all cases.

4. Attitudes: This refers to how you think or feel about something. It is the behaviour of people towards something.

5. Skills: This is the ability to do an activity or job well because you have practised it consistently over time. They are activities that are learnt over time which brings about perfection.

6. Values: These are ideas and things that are cherished and important to an individual or group. It also involves one’s belief of what is morally right or wrong.

The table of contents of Social Studies below is identifying some topics in the curriculum, the class, and the type of content.

ContentsJSS IJSS 2JSS 3
FACTS Origin of Social Studies 
General objectives of Social Studies. Contents of Social Studies. 
CONCEPTSDefinition of terms i.e. –Social Studies  Family etc.Readiness in Marriage. Harmful Traditional Practices.
GENERALIZATION Common problems in Nigeria.Dangers of Drug Trafficking.Managing and resolving social conflict.
ATTITUDEConsequences of large/small family size.Positive Group Behaviours. Cultism.
SKILLSRoad safety as an agent of socialization.Characteristics of different types of groups behaviour.Roles of extended family members in a child’s development.
VALUESCulture.Family bond and living together as one family.Harmful Traditional Practices.