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The existence of conflicts in the society can lead to the following negative effects

1. Loss of Lives and Properties: In the process of conflict, especially if the conflict is violent, many people will lose their lives and properties due to the disorder and use of weapons.

2. Under Development: Investors may not want to invest in areas of conflict which may have an adverse effect on such communities especially negative economic effects e.g. Boko Haram has had a negative effect on the economy of the North-East of Nigeria.

3. Disunity: Conflicts in any society bring about disunity. People who are in disagreement would not be able to unite since there is no trust among the people.

4. Anarchy: A community with conflict will experience lawlessness, fear, anxiety. There would be a breakdown of law and order which is also a state of anarchy.

5. Hardship: The aftermath of any conflict is untold hardship on the members of the society, especially when people are displaced. Displaced people will have to face hardship wherever they are camped due to a lack of resources.

6.  Low economic growth: The economy will be in comatose.


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