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There are various ways by which these acts can be curbed and stopped in society.

These include public enlightenment, legislation, advocacy and education.

1. Public Enlightenment:

There is a need for people to be aware of the effects of harmful traditional activities through the use of radio, television, and other forms of media. The ills and effects of such acts will be highlighted so that people will desist from practising them.

2. Legislation:

There should be a stiff and hard penalty for perpetrators of these acts. Parents who still believe in giving tribal marks to children, discriminating against female children by not sending them to school or giving out their hands in marriage, maltreating and punishing widows, etc, should be given tough penalties, punishment, and fines.

3. Education:

Parents should adequately be educated on the ills of these activities, also government should establish more schools and the harmful effects of traditional practices should be included in the curriculum, to provide education to people and help them differentiate right from wrong.


People should be encouraged to assist the government in eradicating these menaces in society, through the establishment of non-governmental organizations that will help people fight against these practices in society.


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