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The following are the causes of cultism in our society;

1. Improper Child Upbringing:

Some parents do not bring up and discipline their children in the proper way while some are too busy working during the formative years of a child. Other parents who are cult members encourage their children to join or initiate their children into cults.

casuses of cultism
Busy parents who ignore their children can result in their children joining cults.

2. Peer Group Influence:

Peer groups usually influence each other to join cults. When a child is a member of a particular, cult, he or she may entice and lure friends to join that same cult. They are promised protection from other students and also celebrity status in the institution. This is an attractive offer to students looking to gain power and respect.

peer group influence - cultism

3. Revenge/Avenge:

Some students join cults for the opportunity of revenge or to carry out vengeance on someone, or a group they feel has wronged them. They need or want to punish a person or group for one reason or another.

4. Social Identity:

On the other hand, students join cults for social identity. Some students want to be identified with other popular students on campus. Knowing or unknowingly, they join cults because of their craving for power, acceptance, popularity and fame.

5. Security:

Students looking for security, or those that find it hard to fit in easily and protect themselves, are easily initiated because they believe that cults can provide them with protection, and security. 

6. Dropout Syndrome:

Students that have dropped out of school are most vulnerable to cultism. We all know the saying “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”.

7. Choice of Lifestyle:

Students that live a carefree lifestyle and are into drugs, negative music, etc. will most likely end up in the company of cultists, who live a similar lifestyle. They are easily initiated as cult members.


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