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Cultism - Negative Behaviour | Civic Education jss3

One of the major challenges confronting Nigeria’s education system is cultism. It is a social problem that calls for collective social action in order to be resolved. If cultism prevails the state of the country will remain bleak because cult activities could involve armed robbery, raping, killing, kidnapping, drug and human trafficking, etc.

What is Cultism?

Cultism can be defined as a collection of people coming together with the aim of protecting their members and defending their interests, both positively and negatively, without exposing their source of authority to outsiders.

It is a secret society, members are usually carefully selected, membership is restricted and not known to the public.

This activity occurs mostly in the schools, colleges and higher schools of learning, apprentices, street youths, and even to the highest levels of society.

Cults in schools comprise of students coming together to perform illegal and harmful activities, that are usually planned in secret.

Members are enticed to join with promises such as status, respect, wealth, power and recognition. In reality, cultism will end up destroying any society or institution where it exists.

The law expressly prohibits the creation and membership of secret cults/societies.


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