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Drug trafficking is a process of cultivating manufacturing and distributing illegal drugs in society. It is the movement of such drugs from one place to another either locally or internally. It is a globally connected network with high ranking and powerful bosses who are called “Drug Barons” or “Drug Lords’.

Drug Trafficking is a world wide problem that has proven difficult to control.

The agency in Nigeria that curbs this act is the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), established in 1990.

It was created for the purpose of eliminating different processes that encourage the growth, processing, manufacturing, and trafficking of hard drugs.

NDLEA in Nigeria does the following:

  • Prevents the Manufacturing and Sale of illegal drugs.
  • Destroy any hard drugs they find
  • Patrol airports and places where drugs might be illegally exported to other countries
  • Investigate and prosecute criminals.
NDLEA destroying drugs
NDLEA destroying drugs


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