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For any conflict to be managed or resolved there are some attributes that are required which individuals, groups or society must adhere to. These attributes include:

  1. Self Control: This attribute should be exhibited to promote peaceful co-existence by members of society. When people have control over their actions and emotions, conflicts can be avoided.
  2. Tolerance: Members of the society should be able to tolerate one another if they want to avert conflicts even at any level of provocation.
  3. Mutual understanding: There is a need for members of society to understand each other to be able to resolve and avoid conflict. Mutual understanding can help build relationships and trust which helps prevent misunderstanding.
  4. Respect for rule of law: When people respect the rule of law and no one sees him/herself as being above the law, this will prevent conflict.
  5. Respect for opposing views: Ability to respect the views and ideas of others is very important in removing conflicts in the society; this also involves the ability to listen and agree to others’ views and ideas’.


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