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The following ways can be applied to solve, manage or resolve conflicts in the society: 

  1. Compromise: This is an agreement from the two parties involved in a conflict through negotiation in order to settle differences. They let go of their grievances by agreeing to the demands of each other
  2. Mediation: This is a situation where a third party is invited to resolve and settle disputes and conflict. The third party is known as the mediator who appeals to the parties for the resolution of conflict.
  3. Arbitration:  This is the use of a judge as the 3rd party to decide or resolve whatever disagreement or conflict that exists between people in order to come to a resolution.
  4. Litigation/ Court Rulings: This is like arbitration but here conflict or disagreement is taken to the court of law for due process and the decision here is final. 
  5. Enquiry: A panel can be set to look into the causes of the conflicts and make appropriate recommendations against future occurrences.


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