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Instructions: Answer the Question. Your Answer should not be less than 200 words. You are free to use the hints and/or any other ones you like.

The Question carries fifteen (15) marks.

Question: Write a composition on the topic: What I Plan to do after the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE)

(i) Introduction.
(ii) What are your plans?
(iii) How do you intend to achieve them?
(iv) Conclusion.

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2022 JSCE/BECE English Studies Essay Past Question 2

(393 words)

What I plan to do after the Basic Education Certificate Examination

I know the Basic Education Certificate Examination is very important and useful because it helps us students know our strong subjects as well as the subjects we need to work harder on – in order for us to choose our career path. It can also be used to apply to vocational schools in Ghana and Nigeria, to learn things like event planning and electrical repairs. Also, if you want to go to a different School for your Senior Secondary Education – you need your Basic Education Certificate Examination result to apply. Junior Secondary School students get to write this Certification exam at the end of their JSS3 year after completing JSS1 and JSS2. Our certificates will be available a couple of months after we have written our final exam on the timetable.

My plan is to become a Lawyer, so it is important I do well in the art subjects like English Language, Civic Education, Social Studies and so on, so I can be selected for the Arts class and also be a good student. I want to start learning what it’s like to be a Lawyer, my mother found a Summer job for me through our Women’s Church Group. I will be working at a Law Firm in Lekki in Lagos State for one month during the holiday, so I really need to do well on this exam because I will be showing them my certificate on my first day at the Firm.

I know Senior Secondary School will be challenging, so I plan on getting many tips from all the Professionals I will meet and also I will continue to study very hard to make sure to do well in subjects like Government, Literature-in-English and even English Language – this wouldn’t be a problem though because I love reading and learning new things. I want to make sure I do well in all the exams I need to qualify to study Law at University.

I plan on getting a First Class in Law at the University Level, to help ensure I get a good, well-paying job in a reputable Law firm in Lagos. The Basic Education Certificate Examination is the first serious step I can take towards achieving my career dreams and I pray God helps me pass my Exams with flying colours.

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