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2019 JSCE/BECE English Studies Essay Past Question 1

(525 words)

48, Ijesha Close off Coker Road,
9th February, 2019.


Dear Seun,

How are you and your family doing? I hope everyone is well. I know it has been a while since we last spoke, and I have really missed talking to you. I have also really missed your family, especially your older sister. She really helped me a lot with Mathematics, sometimes she would even give me advice when I had problems with my own family. She helped me feel good about difficult issues like I had an older sister looking out for me and supporting me.

I really wish we didn’t stop talking and being friends. I am very sorry I was rude to you when you asked me to help you with the play you were creating for Easter Sunday Service at Church. At the time I was very busy with the Church Choir for Easter Sunday as well so I was stressed. You are my friend and I should not have shouted at you even if I was busy. Now I know next time I should just explain myself without raising my voice at you or even anyone else for that matter.

I hope we can get to a place where we are talking again soon. We used to do so many things together, every time we worked with each other on our School’s debate team we won. In the last three debates our team lost, I really think if we were on talking terms and working together our team would have won. We always came up with great points whether we were “for” or “against” the motion. I remember when I would come to your house every weekend in the first term of JSS3 so your older sister could teach us Mathematics because we were having trouble understanding what we had been taught in class. Those weekends were so fun even the learning part and then after your sister would take us to go buy suya and ice cream. I always looked forward to the weekend.

My Mother has been asking me about you, she misses seeing you on Sunday mornings. She was so proud of us because we used to go to Church early to help prepare the Children’s church for Sunday Service and then clean up after the Service was over. She has been saying she wants to do something nice for us and take us to the Apapa Amusement Park. She keeps reminding me to let her know what date is convenient for you but since we haven’t spoken I have not been able to give her an answer yet.

I hope you will forgive me and we can move on from the past, we did so many positive things together. You always had a way of making everything interesting even learning Quadratic Equations and cleaning chairs, I miss you. I promise to never be rude to you again and I will always respect you as a person. I hope we can start talking again and go back to all the positive things we used to do. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yours truly,


2019 JSCE/BECE English Studies Essay Past Question 2


Debate: Students should be allowed to use Mobile Phones in Schools.

Good Morning Mr Chairman, Mr Moderator, impartial panel of Judges, accurate timekeeper, my co-debaters and fellow students. I am Osade Ewerue, a student in JSS3v and I am here to speak against the motion which states “Students should be allowed to use Mobile Phones in Schools”.

I would like to begin by defining Mobile Phones, a Mobile Phone is a wireless handheld device that allows users to make and receive calls. While the earliest generation of Mobile Phones could only make and receive calls, today’s Mobile Phones do much more, accommodating web browsers, texts and chats, games, cameras, video players and navigational systems. Today Mobile Phones are a wonderful advancement in technology, we are able to do things now that would have seemed impossible 30 years ago. However, these advancements are why I am against students using Mobile Phones in schools.

Originally, people could only use Mobile Phones to make calls, nowadays, people use their Mobile Phones to do much more, which is why they would be a distraction for Students in School. If Mobile Phones are allowed in Schools, students could be on their Mobile Phones in class playing games which would distract the student from learning what is being taught. Students could also spend their time in School chatting on their Mobile Phones with friends both in their school and in other schools. The Student would be so focused on communicating with their friends and sharing stories and jokes, that they would be unable to pay attention to what is happening in class.

If Mobile Phones are allowed in Schools students could be on their phones checking the internet for things and information they find more interesting than what is being taught in class. This could lead to the Student not understanding what was being taught in class because they were distracted. When a test or examination is set to test the student’s knowledge of a subject, the student could be on the Internet on their Mobile Phone searching for the right answers to the questions asked. This means the true knowledge the student has is not being tested as they are getting help from the Internet. A student could also be on Social Media, taking pictures and trying to document their day in school rather than paying attention to what is happening in school, this will also be a distraction to the Student. Mobile Phones could also be used as a “status symbol” by students, they want to know and compare who has the latest phone, whose Mobile Phone is the most expensive, and whose phone has the latest features such as games and apps on their Phone. All these things are just distractions and do not help students learn and pay attention to what is really important in School.

My opponents have stated that the main reason Mobile Phones should be allowed in Schools is so students can communicate directly with their parents or guardians in the case of an emergency. However, I believe Parents and/or Guardians should have the School’s numbers or even the number of a trusted Teacher so that in the case of an emergency, the Parent and/or Guardian could still communicate with a student during school hours.

I hope the points I have stated have been enough to convince you and not confuse you that there is no need to allow students to use Mobile Phones in Schools. Thank you.

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