Answer both questions 1 and 2. Your answer to each question should not be less than 200 words. You are free to use the hints…

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2021 JSCE/BECE English Studies Essay Past Question 1

(540 words)

23, Corporation Drive,
Dolphin Residential Estate,
Lagos State.
1st January 2021.


Dear Uncle Ebuka,

How are you and Aunty Ijeoma doing? I hope you are both well, and feeling hail and hearty. I have noticed that the Coronavirus really makes me appreciate health – I check on my friends and family members more now, I just want to know that everyone is doing well. How are my dear cousins Stacy and Junior doing? I really miss them. I hope we get to meet up this year. I know there are lots of travel restrictions but I hope and pray they will be lifted soon.

I wonder how this Covid – 19 pandemic has affected you abroad? For us in Nigeria, it has been quite an experience. It started with the government enforcing a lockdown and restricting movement. I was quite anxious but thankfully, my mum and dad helped me understand that God had everything under control. Before the lockdown started, I was able to go shopping with my dad because schools were closed. I was surprised to find so many aisles in the supermarkets were empty, and simple items like eggs and even water were hard to find. Finally, when we were to pay, Daddy noticed the prices were much higher than he expected. He was not very happy about that.

Food was scarce in general, and I mean even fresh food items like tomatoes, onions, vegetables and so on because people couldn’t move around to farm, supply or buy produce effectively which led to a spike in the price of food items. This caused the Federal Government to step in and distribute food items to Nigerians in different States across Nigeria paying attention to the various Local Government Areas.

Wherever we went, we had to practice social distancing from the bank to the supermarket. Everyone had to be at least 2 meters apart – it was nice not having people get too close when you were out in public. People had to respect each other’s space, I really enjoyed this. We also had to wear facemasks whenever we were out in public. My friends didn’t really like this but I loved it! The masks made me feel like a superhero with a hidden identity.

I know Covid-19 was a horrible experience for many people. So many people lost their lives or their loved ones, and people also lost their jobs. Sometimes, it was hard for me too because I was away from my friends, and I even started missing school (can you imagine that?).  However, I think Covid-19 really taught me a lot of life lessons, like, not to take anything for granted including going to school and even being able to hug and play with my friends. It also made me grateful for my parents and siblings, they really helped me calm down when I was anxious and we had lots of fun at home because we all had to stay home together. I hope you also had a positive experience during the Covid-19 pandemic, I would love to hear about it. Please say hello to Aunty Ijeoma, Stacy and Junior and tell them I can’t wait to see them. I look forward to hearing from you all soon.


Your dearest Niece,

2021 JSCE/BECE English Studies Essay Past Question 2

(561 words)

My Visit to the Zoo

I really love animals, I watch animal documentaries on Television whenever I can. At home we have many different types of animals – we have dogs, cats, fish and even a rabbit. My Daddy noticed how much I love animals so he planned a surprise trip to the Zoo for me, my siblings and my cousins.

The day we went to the Zoo was the 29th of November, 2020, it was a Sunday. We thought we were just going to visit some of our extended family members in Ikija in Ogun State but instead, my dad stopped at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL) Wildlife Park in the heart of Abeokuta, Ogun State. We were all so excited to be there. My dad went into the reception office and bought all our tickets and we were set.

As we were walking into the Zoo, the first animals I noticed were the monkeys in the trees – there were so many of them and they were all different ages. The older monkeys just watched us as we walked by sitting quietly in the trees, the younger ones were much more agile – jumping from tree to tree, sometimes they even came down from the trees and walked alongside us, I would have loved to feed them but I didn’t have any bananas. My favourite monkeys were the mothers and their babies, I loved seeing how they took care of them.

The next animals I saw were reptiles – I saw snakes and alligators. It was interesting being so close to animals that I had only seen on television in real life. The snakes and the alligators were very quiet animals, it looked like they were resting when we saw them – so we didn’t want to disturb them. I enjoyed walking through the Zoo a lot, I just never knew which animal I would see next. I was really looking forward to seeing the Lion, and finally, I got to see one. He was very majestic and was eating when we were watching him so when we came close he roared which scared me but I realized I didn’t have to be afraid because he was in an enclosed, safe area and couldn’t hurt us. There was a Zoo guide with our family as we walked through the Wildlife Park, he told us the names of the different animals we saw, the foods they like to eat and what their typical habitat in nature looked like. We also saw leopards, hyenas and wild pigs, it was a very interesting, exciting day.

My Dad, my siblings, my cousins and I all went to the rest area to buy snacks because we were hungry. The rest area had a couple of different types of birds – peacocks, ostriches and parrots. We got to watch these beautiful birds as we ate our lunch, it was all so much fun.

I ended up falling asleep in the car on the ride back home to Lagos, I was very tired after the exciting day I had at the Zoo. It was so wonderful getting to see wildlife animals in real life and getting close to them. I am so grateful to my Dad for taking us all there and I can’t wait to go to the Zoo again but this time it will be just me and my Dad.

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