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  1. Agro-Allied Industries and Relationship between Agriculture and Industry | Week 1
    2 Topics
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  2. Environmental Factors Affecting Agricultural Production | Week 2
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  3. Rock Formation | Week 3
    6 Topics
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  4. Soil Formation and Profile Development | Week 4
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  5. Types, Composition and Properties of Soil | Week 5
    10 Topics
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  6. Simple Farm Tools: Uses and Maintenance | Week 6
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  7. Farm Machines and Implements | Week 7
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Topic Content:

  • Relationship between Agriculture and Industries

1. Provision of Raw Materials: Agriculture provides raw materials such as cocoa, palm produce and groundnut for industries.

2. Provision of Food: Agriculture provides food for industrial workers.


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Evaluation Questions:

1. Define agro-allied industry


Industries that depend on agriculture for their raw materials are called agro-based or agro-allied industries.


2. List ten agro-allied industries and the raw materials they use.


Agro-allied Industry Raw Materials Used
i. Beverage Cocoa, Tea
ii. Fruit canning Fruits
iii. Flour mills Wheat cereal/grains
iv. Breweries Cereals
v. Soap industries Oilseeds/Oil
vi. Starch industries Cassava, Maize
vii. Textile/Ginnery Cotton
viii. Sugar industries Sugarcane/sugar beets
ix. Tyre/rubber Rubber latex
x. Cigarette/tobacco company Tobacco leaves


3. State five relationships that exist between agriculture and industries.


Provision of raw materials: Agriculture provides raw materials such as cocoa, palm produce and groundnut for industries.

Provision of Food: Agriculture provides food for industrial workers.

Provision of Market: Agriculture provides markets for industrial products such as farm machinery and chemicals.

Provision of Processing Facilities: Industries provide processing facilities like dryers and grinders for agriculture.

Provision of Storage Facilities: Industries provide storage facilities for agricultural produce like milk, fruits and meat.


4. Name seven agricultural products that are used by industries as a source of their raw materials.


(i) Oil/Oil seeds

(ii) Cotton

(iii) Fruits

(iv) Cocoa/Tea

(v) Wood

(vi) Tobacco leaves

(vii) Sugarcane/ Sugar beets.


5. In the relationship between agriculture and industry:

(a) Which one is more important?

Answer: Both agriculture and industry are important. They depend on each other to exist.

(b) Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Because the relationships between agriculture and industry are numerous, one cannot do without the other.

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