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  1. Introduction to Commerce | Week 1
    3 Topics
    2 Quizzes
  2. E-Commerce | Week 2
    3 Topics
  3. The Barter System | Week 3
    1 Topic
    1 Quiz
  4. Occupation | Week 4
    1 Topic
  5. Services | Week 5
    2 Topics
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  6. Production, Division of Labour, Specialization & Exchange I | Week 6
    3 Topics
  7. Production, Division of Labour, Specialization & Exchange II | Week 7
    2 Topics
    1 Quiz
  8. Retail Trade / Home Trade | Week 8
    5 Topics
  9. Small Scale Retailing | Week 9
    6 Topics
  10. Large Scale Retailing | Week 10
    9 Topics
    1 Quiz

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A Department store is a large retail outlet under one roof, which is divided into various sections or departments with each dealing in a particular type of item. Each department is autonomous with its own manager. The sores are highly organized. Shoppers can easily move around because of the big area the stores occupied. Each manager buys for the department. These stores are found in big cities and central areas, UTC and Spa are good examples of department stores.

Characteristics of Department Stores

1. It is divided into different departments

2. A particular type of product is sold in each department

3. Department stores deal in different or wide range of goods

4. Goods are bought in large quantities and sold in smaller quantities

5. Goods in these stores carry price tags

6. Each store or department is run independently

Advantages of Department Stores

1. Customers are given the opportunity to do their shopping in one place due to the availability of varieties of goods

2. The prices of goods are relatively cheap because supply is from the producer direct

3. There is high and rapid turnover

4. The sectional division created opportunity for more employment

5. In the event of loss by one department, the profit from another department can cancel it

Disadvantages of Department Stores

1. Large amount of capital is required to set up this business

2. Stores are closed on weekends and public holidays

3. It is associated with high running cost e.g rents, wages/ salaries, electricity, etc

4. Once payment is made, goods cannot be returned by customers

5. There is no offer of credit to customer

6. More people would have been employed if not for the system of self-service that is adopted


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