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  1. Introduction to Commerce | Week 1
    3 Topics
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  2. E-Commerce | Week 2
    3 Topics
  3. The Barter System | Week 3
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  4. Occupation | Week 4
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  5. Services | Week 5
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  6. Production, Division of Labour, Specialization & Exchange I | Week 6
    3 Topics
  7. Production, Division of Labour, Specialization & Exchange II | Week 7
    2 Topics
    1 Quiz
  8. Retail Trade / Home Trade | Week 8
    5 Topics
  9. Small Scale Retailing | Week 9
    6 Topics
  10. Large Scale Retailing | Week 10
    9 Topics
    1 Quiz

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Functions of Wholesalers to Manufacturers

1. Breaking of Bulk: They buy in bulk and sell in small quantities to the retailer

2. Financing: They finance products by ensuring prompt payment to the manufacturer and this will facilitate production process

3. Information Dissemination: They provide the necessary information to the manufacturer regarding the retailers and consumers’ views about the products

4. Warehousing: The wholesaler provides warehousing facilities to get rid of stock-piling at the production point

5. Advertising: The wholesaler helps in carrying out product advertising and sales promotions and by so doing creates awareness for the products

6. Price Stability: They help to prevent price fluctuation by stocking the goods until they are demanded

7. Provision of Transport: The wholesalers often provides transport needed in distribution. They send their vehicles to collect the goods from the manufacturers

8. Credit Facilities: The wholesaler can give credit facilities to the manufacturer, sometimes by paying upfront for the products

9. Risk Bearing: The wholesaler takes charge of the goods, thereby accepting responsibility for losses suffered in the course of distribution

Functions of Wholesalers to the Retailers

1. Finance: The wholesalers help the retailers with credit in order to finance distribution of goods. Retailers are allowed to buy goods on credit

2. Provision of Variety of Goods: The retailers have the opportunity to stock variety of goods from various wholesalers

3. Receiving Advise from the Wholesaler: The wholesalers help to provide technical information about the products and market to the retailers

4. Goods are Provided in Small Quantity: The wholesaler provide goods in small quantities to the retailers from the bulk they purchased

5. Transport and Delivery Services: Arrangement is made by the wholesaler to help the retailer in the delivery and transportation of goods purchased to his shop

6. Advertising and Publicity Functions: The demand for products is been stimulated or increased through the functions of advertising and publicity carried out by the wholesalers

7. Link the Producers with the Retailer: The wholesalers help to link the retailer with the producers by the sales of goods

8. Repackaging and Grading: The wholesaler helps to process, grade or brand the products before delivering them to the retailers


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