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1. Provision of Food: Agriculture provides food such as maize, rice, yam, meat, milk, egg etc. for human consumption either in fresh or processed form.

2. Sources of Raw Materials: The majority of the raw materials used by industries in west Africa are gotten from agriculture

3. Source of Income: The sale of agricultural products after reserving the ones for consumption fetches a lot of money to individuals and governments in West Africa.

4. Source of Foreign Exchange: Through the export of agricultural products like cocoa, kola, groundnut, palm produce, cotton, etc. a nation is able to earn foreign exchange.

5. Generation of Income: Sale of crops and their products animal and their products provide income to farmers.

6. Creation of a market for industrial products: Industrial products like hoes, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, cutlasses, etc. are bought and used by farmers.

7. It provides money for industries: The bulk of money used in establishing and financing industries in West Africa comes from agriculture which is a mainstay of the economics of countries in West Africa.

8. Provision of Employment

9. A source of government revenue: Agriculture is a source of government revenue through the export duties on agricultural products.

10. Contribute to increase in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) – Between October and December 2020, agriculture contributed to 26.95 percent of the total GDP, an increase of almost one percentage point compared to the same period of 2019. Agriculture is a key activity for Nigeria’s economy after oil.


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