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1. The use of Crude Implements: Farmers in West Africa still use the traditional crude implements like hoes and cutlasses because agriculture has not been mechanized in West Africa. 

2. Poverty: As a result of poverty, the farmers cannot embark on large-scale farming, buy good farm implements, and hire more labour that can increase their productivity.

3. Illiteracy of Farmers: The majority of the farmers who are engaged in farming are illiterates and as such, they cannot make use of modern techniques in agriculture. The information does not get to them and if it does some conservatives do not buy the idea.

4. Lack of Medical Facilities: This results in poor health of the farmers which militates against their efforts. Leading to low productivity

5. Lack of Credit Facilities: Credit facilities like loans, seeds, insecticides, pesticides, etc. do not go to the real farmers but to emergency ones who are businessmen who use the loans for their business and resell the seeds, etc.

6. Pest and Diseases: They reduce the quality and quantity of agricultural products and the poor condition of farmers’ input.

7. Inadequate land tenure system

8. Climatic problems: (flood, erosion) (long dry seasons & drought)

9. Lack of storage facilities /market facilities.

Evaluation Questions

1. State three government agricultural reforms programs

2. Discuss the components of agriculture


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