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This is the total number of inhabitants per unit area of land e.g The total number of people per square kilometer.  It is average number of people living in a given square kilometer

Population Density = \( \frac {Total \; Population}{Area \; of land} \)

An area with many people per square kilometer is said to have a high density.

Economics effects of high density

1. Congestion: Especially in the areas of traffic, housing, schools etc.

2. Food shortage: When the means of production is less than the population i.e population exceeds available land resources.

3. Heavy pressure on social/economic infrastructures like road, electricity, hospitals, telecommunication, etc. 

4. Employment: There will be too many job applicants competing for few jobs.

5. Increase in crime rate.

6. Low Standard of living: This is as a result of the fact that per capital income will decrease and the resources that will be generated will also decrease 

Heavy pressure on accommodation will make renting houses high.


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