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Rural-urban migration is the movement of people from rural areas to urban areas (villages to town)

Reasons for the Rural-urban migration:

1. For better employment opportunities

2. To acquire better education, skills and training

3. For a change of environment

4. To move in with relatives or family 

 5. To benefit from the social amenities put in place in the cities

Problems of Rural-Urban Movement

1. It leads to congestion in the cities

2. High rate of criminal activities because of the increase in population

3. It brings uneven growth and development in the country

4. There will be increase in the size of working population in the cities which will create increase in unemployment

5. There will be a decline in the supply of labour (Human capital) in the rural areas

6. Government expenditure will increase and also concentrated in a particular (urban) area.

Solutions to the problems of Rural-Urban Movement

1. Government should provide infrastructural facilities in rural areas.

2. Improve the agricultural sector

3. Increase in the establishment of industries in rural areas

4. Encourage the people to participate in the economy activities of their areas

5. Establishment of more centers for learning and training for the people

Evaluation Questions

  1. Highlight the importance of population census
  2. List and explain the economic effects of high population density
  3. Discuss the economic implication of increase in the population of dependants


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