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This is the distribution of population throughout a country in a particular period. It is the spreading of people across a geographical area. 

Factors Affecting Geographical Distribution

1. Favourable climatic condition attracts more people to that particular region and vice versa.

2. Availability of employment opportunity results in a high population density  

3. Favourable government policies (Political stability) affect people positively.

4. Movement of people from rural areas to urban areas leads to an increase in population

Evaluation Questions

1. Explain five importance of age distribution

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2. What are the causes of sex composition

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Question 1

Explain five importance of age distribution


  1. It determines the nature of the market
  2. It determines the standard of living
  3. It determines the birth and death rates
  4. It assists the government to draw up its budget
  5. It determines the working population of the country

Question 2

What are the causes of sex composition?


1. An increase in the population of females to males will cause a rise in the sex ratio

2. An increase in the death of males to females will affect the sex ratio

3. The desire to have more females than males will affect the sex ratio

4. Gender Discrimination

5. The rate of emigration and immigration affect sex distribution.

6. The ethnic, belief and culture of people affect sex distribution